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Welcome to the Game Design and Development Program game page! On this site you will find all games created by students in the Game Design and Development (GDD) major. Most games you will have to download but some games are available right on this site. Many games that you can download will feature trailers that you can watch before you download.

You will find a variety of games on this site. These games are made in GDD 101, GDD 325, and GDD 450-451.

GDD 101

GDD 101 is a Freshman level class. Imaginations are put to the test as students must come up with their own game ideas. Theses games are generally short, about 10-15 minutes, and contain basic gameplay.

GDD 325

GDD 325 is a Junior level class. Games that are made in this class are normally simulations or educational as they are made for a specific client, normally a department at Stout.

GDD 450-451

GDD 450-451 is a Senior level class that spans over the students entire senior year. The imagination is stretched a bit farther in these games as they are about 30-40 minutes long. They contain intricate story lines and 3D graphics.

The Game Design and Development major features two concentrations: Art and Computer Sceince. This major focuses on preparing students for careers in the game industy but the skills they learn can be used for many other careers. In each of the GDD classes, students from both concentrations work together to produce a game.

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