The Figonians are bored one day, so they decide to hold a race for everyone in the land of Playthings. Enjoy entertaining courses with suprising secrets and obstacles, funny weapons you can use to get ahead, and your choice of car; each having their own advantage. If you like games like Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, and ModNation Racers, you'll love Toy Cars!

This game was made with the Unreal Engine and was created by students in the senior level 3D design class in the Game Design and Development Program. Toy Cars is currently not available to download.

Meet the Team:

  • Ryan Appel
  • Andrew Bensen
  • Chayne Bourget
  • Andrew Christie
  • Laura Davis
  • Maria Fryer
  • Tyler Haas
  • Daniel Heiman
  • Richard Johnson
  • Matthew Louscher
  • David McGonigal
  • Tegan Moersfelder
  • Jonathan Richter
  • Mark Robins
  • Chase Sauer
  • Tiffany Truttmann
  • Peter Van Dusartz
  • Sijia Zheng