The adventurer/explorer/robot armed archaeologist Ziff Ziffler has uncovered a hidden underground world after a spelunking expedition in a Mediterranean archipelago. When the cave crashes down behind him, he has no choice but to venture forward into the unknown, digging deeper, avoiding more cave collapses, and evading the perilous creatures, lava flows, and other mysteries that lurk in the dark.

As if hungry scrambling critters lurking in the darkness weren’t enough, the player will always have a puzzle to solve or may need to dash forward to escape a lava flow, roof collapse or other underworld calamities. The spirit of adventure is what drives this game. Much like journey to the center of the earth, there’s much to discover, and much danger to go with it.

This game was made with the Unreal Engine and was created by students in the senior level 3D design class in the Game Design and Development Program. Spleunk is currently not available to download.

Meet the Team

  • Programming:

  • David Altieri
  • Alex Deakman
  • Craig Evans
  • Brian Muller
  • Trace Roshell
  • Charles Schmidt
  • Er Xiong
  • Art:

  • Evan Bredendick
  • Theodore Cincoski
  • Brian Osendorf
  • Thomas Tardiff
  • Tou Yia Xiong